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Wooden Coaster Club
SF-New Orleans

was Jazzland Theme Park, New Orleans (East) from 2000-2002.


Location: New Orleans East at I-10 & I-510 Intersection. Allow 30 min.+ drive from downtown or Metairie, and longer from across the Mississippi River.
CLOSED following Hurricane Katrina 8/29/2005, probably long-term.  Not likely to reopen.  Batman roller coaster was dismantled in 2006.

Some Photos of the 2000 & 2001 Seasons at Jazzland, featuring the MegaZeph.


Jazzland Closed

Jazzland 2000, First Season photos.

Kid's Carnival photos.

Christmas 1999 (#1) Construction.

Construction #2, & old Zephyr photo.

1999 Construction #3, & original Zephyr photo.

JZ Construction

Original WCC home page

The MegaZeph

The MegaZeph was designed exclusively for Jazzland for its Grand Opening in 2000. This 4,000 foot long steel-structured, wood-track roller coaster was designed to provide the surprises of a twister-style layout in addition to the speed and "airtime" associated with an "out and back" style of coaster.

The 110-foot lift hill provides a classic, straight forward first drop leading into a high-speed (up to 65 mile per hour) turnaround near Jazzland's lake's edge. Mega ZephsSM is the signature ride for Jazzland and is one of the premier wooden-track coasters in the country.

The former Pontchartrain Beach Amusement Park, on the New Orleans Lakefront, with its long, infamous wooden Zephyr coaster, provided a portion of the name and the incentive behind Jazzland Theme Park's wood-track MeghZeph coaster, designed as an entirely wooden coaster. Although the MegaZeph was ordered too late to debut on-time for Jazzland's Grand Opening in 2000 as an entirely wooden coaster, the MegaZeph opened on-time with the park, and certainly is an enjoyable ride experience with good air-time! Some work was also done to improve one section of MegaZeph track during the middle of its first season.

1 Wooden Coaster; & 4 Steel (4th in 2002):
MegaZeph (wooden track coaster)

4 Steel Coasters:
Zydeco Scream (Vekoma boomerang; relocated from Spain's Parc de Montjuic)
Muskrat Scrambler (L&T Systems wild maus)
Rex's Rail Runner (Vekoma family coaster)
Jazzland's Vekoma SLC, suspended looping coaster, was coming in 2001 & again in 2002, but the order was cancelled entirely in 2002. [See News page: Jazzland's New Coaster in Doubt, 12/16/2001 - NOLA Times-Picayune.]

Click on "NOLA" page for more on the original Zephyr, former Pontchartrain Beach Amusement Park, & the operating City Park (NOLA) Lady Bug coaster: