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Wooden Coaster Club

Paramount's Kings Dominion, Doswell, VA




Our count is a "baker's dozen" roller coasters (13) at PKD!

While the park says 12, they might not count the forward and backward Rebel Yell, twin coaster, as two, or might not have included the Avalanche bobsled as a coaster.

Nevertheless, you'll certainly enjoy all thirteen roller coasters at Paramount's Kings Dominion, with the opening of Ricochet in 2002!

Paramount's Kings Dominion [PKD]

Location: Doswell, Virginia, I-95, North of Richmond (20 min.), & South of Metro-D.C. (90+ min.)

Past PKD coasters include:

Galaxy, (S.D.C.) closed in 1983 & relocated to Myrtle Beach Pavilion as Galaxi.

King Kobra 1977-86, Schwarzkopf shuttle loop, relocated to Jolly Roger Amusement Park as King Cobra.

Wooden Coasters:

Rebel Yell (

The Hurler

The Grizzly

Scooby Doo

Steel Coasters:

HyperSonic XLC Opening Day photo.

The Volcano photos.

PKD's Official Ricochet (due 2002) photos.

5 Wooden coasters at PKD:
The Rebel Yell (1975 PTC-John Allen; twin/forward,backward),
The Grizzly (1982; King's Entertainment Co; Coney Island Wildcat design.),
The Hurler (newest woodie: 1994; International Coasters, Inc),
Scooby Doo (1975 PTC-John Allen; family; ACE Coaster Classic).

8 Steel coasters:
Anaconda (1991; Arrow)
Avalanche (1988; Mack GmbH & Co; 1 other bobsled like this in the world in Blackpool).
Flight of Fear (1996; Werner Stengel; Premier Rides LIM/LSM; indoors)
HyperSonic XLC (2001; S&S Power; Xtreme Launch Coaster to 80mph in 1.8 seconds)
Ricochet (2002; Mack GmbH & Co; Wild Mouse)
Shock Wave (1986 stand up; Togo International)
Taxi Jam (1987 kiddie; Miler Coaster Company)
Volcano, The Blast Coaster (1998; Inverted, LIM/LSM; Intamin AG