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Wooden Coaster Club


Dorney Park - Allentown, PA

Selected Photos:

Dragon Coaster (RCDB)

Laser (RCDB)

Little Laser (RCDB)

Steel Force (6-9-00 by John Allen)

Steel Force (RCDB)

Talon photos (RCDB)

Thunder Hawk (Wooden; RCDB)

Wild Mouse (RCDB)

Woodstock's Express (RCDB)

Hercules (RCDB; operated 1989 until closed on 9/1/2003; Curtis D. Summers & The Dinn Corp; Wooden)

1 Wooden Coaster:
Thunderhawk (1923; Herbert Schmeck, PTC)

7 Steel Coasters:
Dragon Coaster (Zamperla)
Laser (1989; Schwarzkopf; Relocated from: Parque de la Ciudad as Cobra)
Little Laser (kiddie)
Steel Force (1997; Steve Okamoto, Builder: Morgan Manufacturing)
Talon (2001; inverted; B&M)
Wild Mouse (2000; Maurer Sohne)
Woodstock's Express (2000; kiddie; Zamperla)
Opening 2005 - Steel:
Hydra: The Revenge