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Welcome to John Allen's


"Wooden Coaster Club"!



Jazzland Holiday Hoorah 2000, cut short by weather closings, was a fine opportunity for those who ventured out 12/23/00, 12/26/00, and other days while open!


Welcome 2001! The 21st Century:

Our first Wooden Coaster Club event will be in 2001! We welcome you to come along for the wild ride! Details not yet available.

In the meantime, e-mail your questions, or click the links to John Allen's own candid photos of

Jazzland's MegaZeph [Opened May 2000; New Orleans; Click Sign at left],
The Texas Giant [SFoT; Dallas] during the 1999 Lone Star Coasterthon,
The Volcano [PKD; near Richmond, VA] during The Volcano Campout'99,
and other wooden and steel roller coasters at other theme parks including
Steel Force [Dorney Park-Allentown, PA],
Dueling Dragons & Incredible Hulk [Universal Islands of Adventure - FL],
Kraken [opened 6-1-2000 Sea World Florida],
Montu [Busch Gardens Tampa],
Apollo's Chariot [Busch Gardens Williamsburg], and others.

While construction photos of Jazzland New Orleans will be retained, photos after the park first opened in May 2000 are also included.


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Click on this Jazzland Sign
to enjoy:
Chris Allen's
"drive-by" photos
of the MegaZeph construction,
an artist's conception
of the MegaZeph, and
a view of The original Zephyr,
during its construction, following WW-II.



Click on the construction "cone" graphic for our on-site Jazland construction photos [12/99].
Click on the above gold Jazzland Sign for the "drive-by" tour in Dec-1999. ...or
Click on the Jazzland Sign showing Fall'2000 hours, at the top, for photos during its first season in 2000.

Jazzland officials graciously permitted us a brief on-site photo tour of their park's construction site after Christmas 1999. The resulting construction photos are included.

Jazzland opened the weekend before Memorial Day 2000. The 2000 Season passes were sold in New Orleans by Christmas 1999. The 2001 Season Passes will soon be available.

Searching for Jazzland park's official website? It's NOT ""!
Click on the link below for Jazzland Theme Park's Official Site.


Alternate e-mail to John Allen


While our Club & site are under construction in 2000, enjoy the ride!

Forthcoming pages include:
A Tribute to John Allen, the late Coaster Designer.
Photos of some John Allen coasters.
Links to ACE, other clubs, and parks.
WCC membership information.
A WCC debut event in 2000.
Possible logo T-shirt or Golf shirt.
Please read our Purpose! Ride safely!