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Williams Grove Park (PA)


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True enthusiasts won't miss visiting WILLIAMS GROVE (PA), for its vintage

Cyclone wooden coaster,

Wildcat (Wild Maus-like) steel coaster, &

KiddieCoaster, and the feel of an amusement park from a lost era!

The 150 year-old Williams Grove Park has over 40 rides in a shady setting not duplicated by modern parks. Step into Williams Grove Park for the feeling of a park from the 1940s and 50s, with updated rides.


Billed as
"Coaster Zombies Invade
Williams Grove,"
with some continuing their 9-days of parks from OH to PA, this splinter group included
Coaster Zombies,
Florida Coaster Club,
MACC members,
the ACE Regional Rep., and
Wooden Coaster Club (photographer).

This photo almost could have been re-snapped as Florida Coaster Club Invaded PKD on 10/1/00.


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While some individuals paint a dire picture of Williams Grove, those who appreciate a “throw back” to a beautiful, long gone age of parks of the past, will marvel at Williams Grove!  Bring your family & your own picnic for a great relaxing weekend day!