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John Allen's Wooden Coaster Club




  1. To Honor "the John Allen" who pioneered wooden roller coaster design and construction, making them known throughout the world!
  2. To Test & Retest the Wooden Coaster Club's Hypothesis.
  3. To Have Fun on all roller coasters, while setting a good example for all who follow!



Wooden Coaster Club Hypothesis:

"Wooden Coasters are Best!"



Wooden Coaster Club Pledge:

To continually test and retest the WCC Hypothesis, we will ride as many Wooden and Steel Roller Coasters as possible, fairly assessing the merits of each!

We will ride
"state of the art coasters," vintage coasters, and those in between,
steel and wooden alike,
large, medium, small, and infant coasters,
constantly comparing and contrasting each style and variation,
ensuring that the WCC Hypothesis withstands the tests of time and technology!

During all of this, we will Have Fun!
... always abiding by every safety, ride, and owner rule, while setting the finest example for all who follow!


e-mail WCC co-founder: John Allen