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STEEL Roller Coasters


This Steel Coasters site extends the coverage of John Allen's
WOODEN COASTER CLUB site to some major steel coasters and the parks featuring them. <>


Dorney Park homepage
Information on: TALON, due 2001.
Hershey Park homepage
Williams Grove Park homepage
Earliest PKD Construction Photos - HyperSonicXLC, debuted 3/24/2001
Newer Paramount's Kings Dominion construction photos: HyperSonicXLC.

Ricochet, PKD’s new wild maus for 2002
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Paramount's Kings Dominion's HyperSonicXLC officially opened on March 24, 2001, with weather varying throughout the day.


Updated construction photos link.


Click on the cone or on the HyperSonic XLC image to Link to the Paramount's Kings Dominion Press Construction Photos page!


STEEL FORCE at Dorney Park in Allentown, PA, dominates the landscape.
TALON, Dorney's first inverted coaster, new in 2001.

Dorney Park, Hershey Park, and Williams Grove are the announced sites of the ACE Annual Conference on 17-June through 22-June 2001, followed by a park-sponsored event at Knoebel's Park on 23-June.

True enthusiasts won't miss visiting WILLIAMS GROVE (PA), too, for its vintage Cyclone wooden coaster, Wildcat (Wild Maus-like) steel coaster, kiddie coaster, and the feel of an amusement park from a lost era!

The 150 year-old Williams Grove Park has over 40 rides in a shady setting not duplicated by modern parks. Step into Williams Grove Park for the feeling of a park from the 1940s and 50s, with updated rides.


Billed as
"Coaster Zombies Invade
Williams Grove,"
with some continuing their 9-days of parks from OH to PA, this splinter group included
Coaster Zombies,
Florida Coaster Club,
MACC members,
the ACE Regional Rep., and
Wooden Coaster Club (photographer).

This photo almost could have been resnapped as Florida Coaster Club Invaded PKD on 10/1/00.


Wooden Coaster Club homepage <>



In Consolation:
Jazzland's Inverted Vekoma Coaster (2 across), due May 2001, was cancelled, and reannounced for 2002!



Check back soon to see my progress!