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JAZZLAND Theme Park, New Orleans (East), LA,
I-10 at I-510


"Custom designed for Jazzland, this 4,000-foot-long, steel-structured, wood-track roller coaster is designed to provide the surprises of a twister-style layout in addition to the speed and 'airtime' associated with an 'out and back' style of coaster. A 110-foot lift hill provides a classic, straightforward first drop leading into a high-speed (up to 65 miles per hour) turnaround near the lake's edge. MegaZeph is Jazzland's signature ride and is destined to become one of the premier wooden coasters in the country."

Courtesy: Jazzland.

Jazzland's First season: May 20 to October 29, 2000 [Weekends only after 8/20.]

Holiday Openings were added for Christmas 2000, resulting in 3 evenings in December 2000 actually open with the rides operating.


Jazzland Theme Park's first operating season began in May 2000.


A MegaZeph train returning.


MegaZeph's turn-around hills.


Zydeco Scream (booberang) coaster.


Rex's Rail Runner [family coaster].



The Muskrat Scrambler makes Jazzland's fourth coaster, excluding its two "coaster-like" water rides, the Spillway Splash-Out (20 passenger boat) and Cypress Plunge (log ride with 2 hills).


Two WCC enthusiasts on the Sonic Slam


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