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Founders, Honorary Members, & Organizing Members of
The Wooden Coaster Club


Founding Members


John Allen
1st coaster:
The Zephyr-NOLA.
ACE, MACC [VA *0,1,3]

Chris Allen
ACE, MACC [VA *2,*5]
1st coaster:
Scooby Doo-PKD,
at 23 months old, with his Aunt.

Chris Schmitt
ACE, MACC [VA *0,1]
1st coaster:
The 1960s predecessor to The Lady Bug Kiddie Coaster presently in City Park-New Orleans.
Distinguishing trait:
Wears Saints insignia while coastering!

Kathleen Yantz
1st coaster:
K.Y. always carries ACE information!


*********  Notes:  *********

*0 "First Coaster" ridden in NOLA!

*1 Ex-New Orleanian.
*2 New Orleans ancestors.
*3 U.N.O. (LSU-N.O.)
*4 L.S.U. (LSU-B.R.)
*5 Strong New Orleans "wanta-be"!

*6 Lifetime New Orleanian.

Many "Wooden Coaster Club" organizers have strong ties to Louisiana, as shown by footnotes.


Events Past:
An astute ACE member noticed the ACE jacket worn, imprinted with the name "John Allen," at MACC Screamfest'93. That ACE member said to another: "He's dead"!
John Allen's retort: No, I just look dead from riding so often today!"

Reality Check:
The "John Allen," famous for designing & constructing wooden roller coasters, is regrettably dead. His name lives on as a symbol of the state of the art coasters of his day, the dedicated coaster riders, and the resulting evolution of coasters. John Allen was the forefather of coasters, without whom we'd never have seen the great wooden coasters, nor the super-coasters of today!

Although John Allen, the co-founder of the Wooden Coaster Club, is no known relationship to the "John Allen" who designed & built wooden coasters, it was fitting for enthusiast, John Allen, to instigate the first truly Wooden Coaster Club, and to dedicate it to the memory of the great coaster designer named John Allen.

Nearby the Origins of ACE:
While the enthusiast, John Allen, moved from Louisiana to Virginia just before the 1975 coaster marathon at Kings Dominion which ultimately lead to the formation of the American Coaster Enthusiasts [ACE], he only saw media coverage in Richmond of that nearby event. He wondered, upon seeing that media coverage, how he might have known and participated in such an event. It was not until California ACE member, Richard Tuck, introduced him to MACC's first Screamfest, years later that this interest was renewed. Although John Allen had ridden and loved the Pontchartrain Beach Zephyr for decades, while growing up in New Orleans, he'd missed the nearby origins of ACE, which made him more determined than ever to introduce potential coaster enthusiasts to the hobby and its exhilaration.



WCC Homepage

e-mail: Wooden Coaster Club


Honorary Members


Richard Tuck [CA]
Wild Maus owner
Renewed John Allen's coaster interests, inviting him to the 1st annual MACC Screamfest in VA.

Mitchal Hawker
1993 Originator: Annual Internet Wooden Tracked Roller Coaster Poll

Jim Raimar [MI]
Every Enthusiast
ought to recognize Jim!
He's at almost every event!

Further details on our Honorary Members will be added, when confirmed!

Over 400 Different Coasters:
Richard Tuck
Jim Raimar*
*over 300 in 1998 alone.


Instrumental Leaders
in Other Clubs


David Rager [VA]
ACE Regional Representative

Ted Ansley & Family [VA]
former ACE Regional Representative
Coasters are a family event!

Bob Hooley [VA]
former ACE Regional Representative

Sam Marks [MD]
Founder: Coaster Zombies

Steve Thompson [VA]
Mid-Atlantic Coaster Club [MACC]

Roy J. Brashears [PA]
Founder:   MACC
Co-Founder:   A.C.E.


Other Charter members:


  • Rick Miron [*0,3,6]
  • Susan Miron [*3,6]
  • Jeffrey Miron [*6]
  • Jonathan Miron [*6]
  • Randy Robinson [*4]
  • Charlene Robinson [*0,1,4]
  • Eric Robinson [*2,5]
  • Marie Salathe [*3,4,6]
  • John Hill [*6]
  • Debbie Hill [*0,4,6]
  • Sandra Albert
  • Bob Albert
  • Whitney Albert
  • Hilary Albert
  • Bill Galvin [MD]
  • Daniel Galvin
  • Christa Galvin


* One-day records:
70 rides, Apollo's Chariott
54 rides, Alpengeist



Equal Opportunity Coaster Club:
While the Wooden Coaster Club is an equal opportunity membership club, there was definite bias toward New Orleanians and true enthusiasts while in formation, because it is hoped that the first announced event might be held at Jazzland!

Membership is open to everyone whose dues are current, who abides by the rules of the club & its host parks, and who acts appropriately at club events.

The Membership roles open following official announcement of the club formation. A Membership Application will be posted.





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