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Roller Coaster Links


Click logo for official homepage of
American Coaster Enthusiasts, "ACE".
The creation of ACE spawned all subsequent, regional or local coaster clubs.


Mid-Atlantic Coaster Club [MACC}
with events in Virginia annually since 1991.


Coming Soon:

1] Theme Park Links

2] More Club Links

3] Tribute to The "John Allen" whose coasters are unforgettable!

4] More Wooden Coaster photos.

...and Later:
[] Formal announcement of WCC.
[We're unannounced & growing anyway.]
[] Possibly a 2000 event!
[] A Wooden Coaster Club logo.
[] Ride again soon!



Link to:

Roller Coaster Database

New for 2002


An unusual coaster club; Coaster Caravan, Coaster Invasions, and more.